Monday, 25 February 2019

iPhone XS

Apple iPhone XS MaxPrice is Rs. 236,999 
USD $2052
 iPhone XS MAX
Hexa Core
Screen size       
6.5  inches
A12 Bionic
1242 x 2688 
4 GB
64/256/512 GB
Rear camera    
12+12 MP
Back camera    
7 MP
O S 
iOS 12

Apple iPhone presented more variety of the iPhone XS the iPhone XS, which is by all accounts the Max form in the four phones. It isn't yet clear what number of smartphones are achieving the end goal, however one thing is clear: this Apple iPhone XS Max is valid and will achieve the finish line at the end of the day. In the event that this is valid, Samsung will confront genuine results in light of the fact that their devices did not change a bit.

The Apple iPhone XS Max has the OLED screen, which implies that the screen of this phone will be equivalent to alternate phones, yet the measure of the panel is more noteworthy than that of the various Apple iPhone XS siblings. It appears that this time they have changed their system and rather than only two variations they are conveying something new to the table that they had never done. The iPhone XS Max from Apple will come with an A12 chipset that is also new and was never used before in any device, so the execution scores will be better and we can state that Apple XS Max will be the star of the night, which will be better All of its opponents and rivals.

Two years back, we heard something about Huawei that would beat Apple, however the XS Max of the Apple iPhone will additionally reinforce the opposition for them and it appears that the fantasy will never work out as expected on the off chance that it generally conveys new things to the table iPhone XS Max has to do with perfection and one thing that differentiates this brand's phones from the others is its software, which is lighter compared to Android and will not load into the system, so this year XS Max will get a new version of the software.

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